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philadelphia to fort lauderdale when i was 15, and gave birth to my oldest daughter and was labeled a habitual runaway by judge mark speiser. over the next years, i struggled with my addiction, giving birth to a son and another daughter. finally, in my late thirties, i ended up homeless, living under bridges, and i finally started going to jail. it was jail that actually saved my life, because that is where i met broward county drug court judge marcia beach, who loved me until i could love myself. she placed me in the sheriff's 90-day in-custody treatment program. the time there helped save my life. the last 30 days of the 90 days i did something i had never done before in my entire life: i made a plan. today, i'm an intern for we are the world's largest recovery web site, with over 260,000 people worldwide sharing their experience, strength, and hope with each other, and it's powerful. today, i'd like to tell you that i'm an asset, not a liability. today, i'm a face and voice in and of recovery, and thank you for having me. (applause.) on behalf of the president of the united
&t. ♪ >>> dirt bag, alert. this time at a fort lauderdale foot locker. the customer is at the counter paying for merchandise, when in walks a masked gunman. he shoves the customer out of the way, picks up her purse and belongings, and tells them both to get down on the ground. >> the gunman sweeps the drawer out clean, and leaves. the clerk consoles the shaken customer, and he just goes up and offers her a nice big hug -- you know what, it's okay, we're all right. >> that other employee took a call and walked out right before it happened. >> you don't see this guy's face on camera. >> this video shows the worst of humanity, and also the best. >> by now, i think you guys know this about me, one of my favorite past times is christopher walken impressions. >> that's the wrong tone, if you say it to me like that again, i will stab you in the face with a soddering iron. >> twas the night before christmas. >> here he is reading it ala mr. walken. >> the children were nestled -- >> he's dead on. if you close your eyes, you will picture christopher walken reading to the children. >> it's the holiday
adults stop to eat at a restaurant yesterday afternoon after arriving in fort lauderdale for a weekend news conference. group members say thieves broke into their rental van and took about $12,000 in cash and most of their luggage and ids. the group had planned in fort lauderdale area for five days. >> a man in critical condition this morning after falling from the upper deck of the oakland coliseum read before the start of the raiders game last night. will tran is at the coliseum with more >> from the upper deck to the lower concourse and that is about 30 ft.. people are ready, this morning whether not he was drunk at the time. investigators simply do not know. they're hoping to have a blood test done to and talk to any possible witnesses in the area when he fell. there also reports that he possibly jaunt. that is also part of domestication. we do know he was in critical condition, rushed to the hospital yesterday and this morning he is alive. we're hoping to hear back from the oakland police the part about how he is doing. the oakland raiders have nothing to do with the investigation
across country only to be robbed in fort lauderdale, florida. abc 7 news is in the newsroom tonight with the story. what an awful thing to happen. >> yes. it's just heart breaking. locals in south florida were not about to let this church group go out showing them the best that community has to offer. when $12,000 vanished out of their van yesterday, the group was stranded with no way to pay for hotels and food. once it became a news story, floridians came to the rescue. the group of 24 set off yesterday with high hopes for an exciting fulfilling adventure, a trip from oakland to a christian youth conference in fort lauderdale. but within hours after rival, they were crushed to find $12,000 cash, their luggage, and the adult leader passport stolen out of
this waterfront fort lauderdale home as one of the more modest residences he's decorating, and he says his team of seasonal workers give customers a look they couldn't do on their own. >> we're using very specialized product, we're using very specialized installation techniques. and the overall outcome is astronomically more impressive than even your most talented homeowner could do. >> reporter: so what does his home look like during the holidays? >> it's not the best house we do much, to my wife's dismay. she does not understand why that is, but sort of the old adage of the shoemaker's children always go barefoot. >> reporter: allison worrell, nbr, fort lauderdale, florida. >> susie: have a great evening everyone and a wonderful holiday and we'll see you right back here tomorrow night. captioning sponsored by wpbt captioned by media access group at wgbh uncer: (♪ theme music ) (♪) matt elmore: welcome to imagemakers a weekly showcase featuring the best short films from around the world. stay tuned and enjoy the filmmakers of tomorrow today on imagemakers. imagemakers is ma
en fort lauderdale. ---las victimas no solo son de berkeley sino tambien de otras ciudades en 17 estados del pais. stop open blanca ---los restos del ex- boxeador hector "macho" camacho fueron llevado en una carroza para recorrer por ltima vez las calles de su barrio, un corazon de la comunidad puertorrique Ña. cesar ---y las bajas temperaturas que se sintieron hoy en nueva york, no impidieron que cientos de latinos, en su gran mayora puertorrique Ños que mostraban con orgullo su bandera, le dieran el ultimo adios a su campeon... --isolda peguero con los detalles. :00 :56 1:24 take pkg blanca ---hoy se realizo una blanca ---hoy se realizo una inusual audiencia en una corte federal en sacramento... take vo ---y todo por la llamada "terapia de conversion homosexual". ---la nueva ley estatal que prohibe a los "sicoterapeut as" brindar servicio a menores de edad con tendencias gay fue rechazada por 4 consejeros y padres de familia. ---los padres aseguran que sus hijos estaban siendo auxiliados por los terapistas para tratar de convertirlos en heterosexuales. ---tanto padres como te
yesterday as the group ate lunch at a fort lauderdale restaurant. the station did not name the name of the oakland church, though. >>> a crab scab who buzzed into town as local crab fishermen furious about crossing a picket line. fishmongers want to lower the price to from 3 bucks a pound to 1.80. they say no deal. things got hot when a boat came in from oregon with with a catch. >> i'm just trying to move a little product. you have to go fishing and nobody's making money. >> negotiations are still going on but for now, local fish markets and grocery stores are quickly running out of crab. >>> 4:38, gay couples here in california are awaiting the supreme court decision that could come today. annanne makovec is in san francisco and she joins us with more. >> reporter: even by not making a decision, the supreme court is essentially making a decision ask a lot of people here and waiting to find out what's going to happen today. the u.s. supreme court is scheduled to review whether or not it will review the constitutionality of prop 8. that is the ban on same sex marriage. the pro prop
. >>> a christian youth group was left scrambling after becoming crime victims on the trip to fort lauderdale, florida. they arrived for a youth conference. they stopped to get something to eat and inside a restaurant when someone broke into the van. the thieves stole $12,000 in cash and their luggage. >>> they are warning residents to lock their vehicles and keep valuables out of sight after nine break ins this week. >> three vehicles were burglarized on this lane. others were unlocked and others had windows broken. items stolen were purses, and electronic devices. >>> according to the san mateo sheriff's office, she was last seen walking awe from her san carlos home at one in the morning. she suffers from alzheimer's and is said to be paranoid. >>> the nfl will help the oakland raiders build a new stadium. commissioner goodell said it is crucial that they improve the stadium situation and they would help pay for a new one. they held talks about the stadium but no new progress is reported. the raiders could share the new stadium in santa clara and has to be worked out between the two teams.
yesterday. they traveled to fort lauderdale to attend a conference there. they had had worked months to save money for their air fair, lodging and food. they left the the rental van to eat and that's when thieves broke in. >> we're out here many miles away from home with no one to contact or ask for help. >> the youth group still plans to attend to conference. >> foster city police are reminding residents there to lock their vehicles after nine break ins this week. six vehicles were burglarized in one area and three more in other. --. there is some encouraging news on the jobs front. s new figures show jog job growth exceeded forecasts. in addition the unemployment rate fell to 7.7%. that's the lowest in about four years. analyst say while the job growth is modest, the labor market withstood the impacts o of sandy. >> many of those jobs are being created in our area. >> ken, these restaurants here on north 1st street are packed during the day and they're pretty busy at night. the new report shows nearby tech workers are creating jobs by having a job. tech workers tral in large -- travel
ran away from the meridian home for girls just outside philadelphia to the streets of the fort lauderdale strip. i was 14. june 11th, 2011, 30 years later with 5 years sober, i started walking home. with my walk, walking up the east coast, i would walk about 10 miles in the morning, and then in the afternoons i would visit homeless shelters, treatment centers, battered women shelters. i'd go back into the alleys, under the bridges and tell my story and share hope. i started to spread little mustard seeds of hope in places that there were none. and there's a lot of fantastic things going on in the recovery community, and i think the stigma of-of coming into recovery and the fellowships, and you can't do this and you can't do that, kind of wards people off. it scares people off from coming into recovery, because they think they're going to be sentenced to a church basement and a coffee pot. (music) we have recovery concerts. we have sober comedy events. we have the 12 step music fest in the keys. and there's a lot of fantastic things going on in the recovery commu
in a fort lauderdale restaurant. thieves broke in to their van, stole $12,000 in cash, their luggage, and i.d.s. >> the amount of money you stole, you stole dreams. you stole those things we wanted to do. and you have left many people right now without shelter, without food. >> the group is no longer stranded without money because today the owner of the miami dolphins surprised the group with a $15,000 gift. >>> a group of thieves in pacifica may want to spend less time sleeping. police literally caught the crooks napping. >> this is a place for kids and this is a community place. >> reporter: a children's theater where kids as young as 7 have been hard at work rehearsing for their holiday show. it's the last place you'd think thieves would target. >> the hallway was totally messed up. the offices, things were thrown off the desk. >> reporter: but that's how natalia found it ransacked and robbed. everybody from costumes to set pieces pillaged. what employees never expected to find was the thieves themselves hiding out in the theater. >> falling asleep at the scene of the crime really isn't
from oakland's church had just landed in fort lauderdale. they stopped to grab a bite to eat on the way of the bank. that's when thieves broke into their van and stole $12,000 in cash, plus their luggage and id's. >> it's not the cash. it's that the money you stole -- you stole dreams. >> but they are no longer stranded without money, because today, the owner of the miami dolphins surprised them with a gift. 15,000. >>> tomorrow, a very big day for one eighth grader and her principal. the principal has only a few months to live. sharon chin shows us how that student is trying to help, one step at a time. >> reporter: chris's wife and son helped him battle a rare liver disease. but the principal of san carlos learning center is now feeling the love of his community, thanks to this eighth grader. >> if there was any way i could help, that would be a really good idea. >> reporter: 13-year-old emma, who has never organized a big event ever, is spearheading a walk-a-thon for her beloved principal. >> it's kind of inspiring. >> reporter: mahoney says he's joined 750 patients on california's l
.s. marshals raided an apartment complex outside of fort lauderdale arresting the two brothers and it was here, according to the indictment that the two spent the past 15 months planning to build and blow up a bomb and kill americans here in the u.s. >> look, the pattern is very clear. south florida has seen before arrests, successful arrests and also indictments of jihadi activities, meaning activities by militants who are convinced that they are serving a cause, an ideological cause and anti-american one. >> but the federal grand jury's three page indictment is super thin on details. no revelation as to where these two brothers allegedly were going to blow up this bomb nor whether they had actually got tonight point of acquiring the components. shep? >> shepard: phil, you were in the courtroom right? anything surprising? >> the only real surprise was the older brother apparently asked his attorney to bring in news collision of the past week involving the brothers' arrest and the case which intently read at the table. both brothers walked into the courtroom shackled at the wrist and ankles. t
and delays, a and a fortune but after the new year's, in fort lauderdale, in washington d.c. $119, you may have to be flexible tuesday, wednesday, saturday, seven days a week, out of new york and boston and places like that under $200 and january and february, anywhere from 10 degrees warmer in fort lauderdale and miami that orlando and tampa. florida is a good place. my son lives in orlando. look what i look like and i am freezing. that is a good one. if you are looking for a guarantee, 82 degree weather place, maybe you want to look at san juan, pr. we are seeing some dirt cheap air fares. if you live in florida and want to get away from the snowbirds go from orlando, tampa or for lauderdale to san juan for $189. if you live in new york or boston you will find the mid 200s. even hawaii, you will lose all your crew today because in january, newark to honolulu, by the time you get there, it will be all gone but $419. >> you are going to lose a great deal. we have a little time. i want to get quickly, first class domestic fares, you can get a good deal and fly up front. quickly. >> check th
robados de una empresa de cobros en fort lauderdale. ---las victimas no solo son de berkeley sino tambien de otras ciudades en 17 estados del pais. topvo cesar ---la compania comercial de seguros medicos, anthem blue cross ha propuesto aumentar las primas hasta en un 18 porciento para todos sus clientes a partir del mes de febrero... ---segun el diario los angeles times, el incremento afectaria a unos 630 mil pacientes, e incluso algunos de ellos tendrian que pagar hasta un 25 porciento mas por el servicio... ---funcionarios estatales estaran revisando las propuestas pero no tienen la autoridad para rechazarlos... cesar ---volvemos con ariel rodriguez... blanca ---nos dice como que esperar el fin de semana... ariel... take pkg blanca ---vamos a anuncios publicitarios en noticiero telemundo 48, pero al regresar... take vo blanca ---impresionantes imagenes de una pelea entre tigres en un zoologico que tuvo consecuencia s mortales... take sot --- nora leanos ---con nora leanos, te escuchamos nora... take pkg cu ---vamos a la pausa comercial en noticiero telemundo 48 pero a continuacion... ta
at large. >> david rothkopf is our guest and the first call is from carmen in fort lauderdale, florida, carmen, good afternoon. you're on booktv on c-span2. >> caller: yes. i was just like to ask mr. -- the author of "power inc." if he believes -- >> host: carman, please go ahead. okay, we're going to move on to don in austin, texas. don, good afternoon. please go ahead with your question or comment for david. >> caller: good afternoon, rothkopf. i'd like you to respond about the mf global bankruptcy and that was filed on a monday. the monday after the sunday night when it was found crystal clearly and everybody knew it, everybody was involved knew about it, that there was a loss of money, substantial losses of money was determine sunday night. this is not a controversial statement. so monday, during the bankruptcy hearing with the judge who is a friend of the mf global attorney, because they had worked together, he heard the mf global attorney tell him there was no loss of money so this is not a big problem. number one, that's impossible for him to state if no accounting had been done
. california go up 8.8 percent. not great increases miami florida expect to do fall and fort lauderdale down two tenths of a cent. >> florida is nyes pla place toy for the holidays if you need extra leg room it comes as a price. >> you can buy extra leg room without having to go into first class. if you don't want the regular 31-32 inch seat you get the 34 inch 79 bucks. 79 bucks. >> the best deal is virgin atlantic. $98 you get 30 inches. a lot more leg room. if you are over 6 feet might be a great deal. >> an nfl foot paul player murders his girlfriend. >> foreign chin might be much smarter than the average american kid. there's a plan to fix that. longer school days across the country. is that a good idea. we will have that next. [ male announcer ] when a major hospital wanted to provide better employee benefits while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac ♪ aflac [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] [ yawning sound ] johan comes in a porcelain vesse
stop to eat at a restaurant yesterday afternoon after arriving in fort lauderdale. for a weekend news conference. a group of member say that the thieves broke into the rental van and took about $12,000 in cash, most of their luggage and their ids. >> high end women's shoes, worth more than $10,000, were stolen out of a car in san francisco's mission district. though online women's shoe company just launched in july and specializes simplesse size women's shoes. on monday, 50 sample issues were stolen out of the trunk of the company represents a scar near 19th and valencia streets. >> 18 year-old man is behind bars this morning in redwood city after being arrested in connection with a shooting on highway 1 01. if police have been searching for eric valencia vargas since the september 30th is shooting. vargas is suspected of shooting three people and a dodge charger as they drove south on highway 1 01 near the ralston ave off ramp. authorities believe that he targeted the car either because the road rage or a previous dispute. >> meanwhile authorities in contra costa, have arrested a 38
this morning. united airlines is announcing that they will add nonstop service between san francisco and fort lauderdale, florida. beginning march 2nd, the service will begin as saturday-only service but will switch to a daily schedule beginning in april. united says that south florida is the largest region in the country not currently served by united from san francisco. >> and there reminder to catch on dr. phil today at 10:00 a.m. after the kron 4 morning news. in today's episode the locators troy dunn is back to tackle to stores about separated loved ones. again, today at 10:00 a.m. after the kron4 morning news. >> welcome back. the agriculture department is responding to criticism over the new school lunch rules by allowing kids to eat more grains and meat. the department will do away with it daily and weekly maximums of meat and grain. several lawmakers have written the department since the new rules went into effect in september saying that kids were not getting enough to eat. schools administrators also complained, saying that setting said maxwell's on grains and meats are too limited
on the top of our list, new york, denver, los angeles, and fort lauderdale. so, you have a range of winter, city, and warm-weather destinations. > are those destinations places where people are getting the best deals? > > four of our top 10 booked destinations actually have hotel rates that are under $150 a night on average. those include orlando, where the average hotel rate is $144 a night. tampa also makes that list, coming in at $108 a night on average; denver at $127 a night; and phoenix at just $122 a night. so there are options out there for travelers over the holiday period who may be looking for a bargain. > is there a bigger push this year by ski operators? > > there is a big push every year by these ski resorts. it is a major industry out here. vail resorts, for example, every year pours millions of dollars into capital improvements and promotions. i'm here at keystone, they just launched a great program this year which makes skiing very affordable for families. it is called "kids ski free." no blackout dates. you stay two nights at one of their resorts, and kids 12 and under sk
. allison worrell, "n.b.r.," fort lauderdale, florida. >> susie: volatility was the word of the day here on wall street. investors were fixated on the war of words in washington over the fiscal cliff, and shrugged off some encouraging news today about jobs. fewer americans filed for jobless benefits last week: new claims fell 12,000 to 350,000. but the labor department says the christmas holiday may have distorted the numbers, as some state offices were closed monday and tuesday and could not provide data. in the markets, the volatility index, or what's often called the "fear index," jumped to its highest level since last summer on those fiscal cliff worries. but trading was still light volume on the big board weighed in at 565 million shares. over on the nasdaq: over 1.3 billion shares traded hands. eight out of 10 sectors in the s&p were down. the weakest were materials and financials. tech stocks also lost ground. the declines punished large-cap tech stocks across the board, especially those believed to be more exposed to federal spending. cisco systems and oracle each fell at least
. the group made of you of 24 teenagers and said they were eating in a restaurant in fort lauderdale, florida about an hour after they arrived for a weekend youth conference. they say thieves stole $12,000 cash. one member of the group was able to have money wired to them. so they were able to spend last night in a hotel. we have no word yet if that group will return to oakland today. >>> funeral services will be held this weekend for two teenaged girs shot to death in oakland last month. funeral services will be held for ra chef at cooper's -- raquel at cooper's and the girls were found last month near brookdale park. they had been shot as many as 36 times. no arrests have been made as of yet. >>> today is the 71st anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. bay area survivors will mark the day by marking the been to on mt. diablo at desk. >> the eye of diablo was turned off on teague 8th, the day after the attack. so it would not be a , so it would not be a guide for -- so it would not be a guide for enemy planes. >>> let's get you going this morning. tara says there is a traffic hazard in o
gastroenteritis. >>> otro crucero tambiÉn reporÓo 194 enfermedads en fort l lauderdale y otra en galveston 100 contagiados. >>> a pesar dae a la alerta muchos se ven alertados por las a alerta de confort y nacer. nosotros los virus no nos atacan. >>> en perÚ nos vacunan y no nos ha pasado nada. >>> otras compaÑÍas de crucero han tomado medidas extremas para pre cautelar la salud de pasajeros, recomiendan que los turistas se alimenten en los restaurantes. >>> las personas intoxicadas que se les va a devolver el dinero invertido. >>> el expresidente george bush saliÓ de la unidad de cuidados intensivos. la condiciÓn de bush de 88 aÑos ha mejorado lo suficiente para trasladarlo a una habitaciÓn regular despuÉs de la bronquitis por la que fue internado. >>> entrÓ en vigor ley que permite matrimonio entre personas del mismo sexo en el estado de maine. >>> solicitar las licencias para unir sus vidas legalmente y algunas se casaron tan pronto como obtuvieron el documento. >>> miles de salvadoreÑos vistan el paÍs en estas fechas, el re k encuentro es motivo de celebraciÓn, para otros el re
destruction. >> fort lauderdale men in custody. accused of plotting to detonate a bomb in the u.s. homeland. 2 men brothers are identified as naturalize citizen from his pakistan. sources tell thus was not a sting. and theounger brother had been in contact with over seas radical. possibly connected to al qaeda. indictment accuses the men of attempting to provide lodging communication equipment and transportation in conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction. and sources say the fbi found evidence the younger brother had been monitoring recent fbi sting cases so authorities say infiltrating the alleged conspiracy with a non-starter. . back to you. >> 3 people are dead after a series of violent attacks in wyoming. police say it all started off campus of cast par college with where man killed the woman. he then drove to the science building killed a faculty member in front of the students then committed suicide. witness told police the killer used a bow and arrow. he was not a student. police say he knew the victims although they have not said washington the relationship wa was. >
at a fort lauderdale restaurant. they had worked hard to raise the money to come to florida and everyone in the group is devastated. tough news. >>> and some other bay area headlines, a fire forced the evacuation of two restaurants at the pasta p o omodoro. they traced the source to a crawl space near the outdoor electrical sign at the restaurant. >>> it will be at least april before joseph meso goes on trial for murders murders marin county. the 78-year-old is representing himself. the judge has granted him four more months to prepare his own p case. he is accused of killing 4 women between 1977 and 1994. >>> and city college in san francisco is facing a financial hit because of the enrollment numbers. the college must enroll 34,000 full-time students to maintain its funding level from the state but the school expects to fall a few thousand short for the second year in a row. it was on probation because of a shortage of students during the previous school year. >>> arizona's tough on immigration sheriff is defending his controversial stance in one of america's most immigrant friendly ci
and a lot of money, 12,000 bucks. thieves broke into the group's van while the members ate lunch at a fort lauderdale restaurant yesterday. two dozen teens and adults were just starting the five day trip in florida. the group says it is devastated. >>> the nation's jobless rate is at its lowest level in four years. unemployment fell to 7.7% last month. it was at 7.9% in october. the labor department reports 146,000 new jobs in november down from 171,000 the month before. jobless rate fell mostly because of more people giving up their job searches and dropping out of the labor pool. >>> economists are turning up the pressure on the white house and lawmakers to reach an agreement on a plan to avoid the fiscal cliff. financial experts were on capitol hill yesterday to talk about the negative impact if those automatic tax increases and spending cuts tick in january 1st. meanwhile president obama paid a visit to a northern virginia family who would suffer financially if a deal isn't reached. >> for them to be burdened unnecessarily because democrats and republicans aren't coming together to sol
the bank when they stopped o grab a bite to eat at a fort lauderdale restaurant. that's when thieves broke io their van... stole 12- thoud dollars in cash... along with their luggage and i-d'. "it's not that you stole our money and the amount of mony that you stole, but you stoe dreams you stole those thins that we wanted to do you had just left not just me but yu have left many people rightw without shelter, without fo" the group is no longer strad without money... today, they were surprised with a 15-thousand dollar gift froe miami dolphins. in the vineyards and farms f sonoma county, there's a ple that saves lives.. hanna boys center is a school fors ed.. or hurt.. o >>> the bible says thou shall not steal, but a bay area church group on a trip to florida has learned the hard way that people do. the 24 young people were on tear way to the airport and then to the bank when they stopped to grab a bite to eat at a restaurant. tax cuts' when thieves broke into -- that's when thieves broke in and stole $12,000 of cash along with their luggage and i.d.s. >> it is not that you stole the money.
conference in fort lauderdale. the within hours of arrival they were crushed to find 12,000 dollars cash the, lug annual and the adult leader passport stolen out of their rental van while they had lunc lunch. >> we were out here many miles for help.home with no one to >>reporter: the group wings of love ministry had each brought cash to cover expenses. it was consolidated by the group leaders and they say they were on their way from the airport to the bank when they decided to stop for lunch. strangers and loan from home got them through the night. thisen today the despair turned to shook and relief when loss businessman came to their rest kichlt i have a little something here. i have 15,000 dollars. wow! oh, my. >> we kept our hopes up and we know that god used him to bring this to us thank you so much. >>reporter: nude that stunning gift joan treated the group to lunch at apple beat. i'm a news hound so i went on my web browser and saw there was a story and read it and thought i into he had to help the people. >>reporter: he stepped up and helped. the group is to come home moppe
is from a ministry that arrived thursday in fort lauderdale for a youth conference. while they were out getting lunch someone broke into their van and stole their money, $12,000. several floridians heard the story and stepped forward. >> i have a little something here, i have $15,000. >> oh, my god! >> wow! >> she is just speechless. after that stunning gift, another man treated the group to lunch. the group will be home monday with the story to tell about strangers and their kindness. >> they are going modern. the old logo, check it out from the last, and the new one on the right. the older, more traditional symbol will appear on official university documents but the new one that has the letter "c" at the bottom of a stylized open book, it will appear on marketing and websites. they wanted something more user-friendly. >>> the winner of the large power ball jackpot claimed his prize. he lives in arizona, he's in his 30s, he's married and has a, quote, regular job. the mystery winner took a lump sum payment of $92 million. his wife gets half as adonal is a community property state. the
in florida are learning firsthand about giving back. international ministry that arrived thursday in fort lauderdale for a youth conference. while they were out getting lunch someone broke into their van and stole their money, $12,000. several floridians heard the story and stepped forward. >> i have a little something here, i have $15,000. >> oh, my god! >> wow! after that stunning gift, another man treated the group to lunch. the group will be home monday with the story to tell about strangers and their kindness. >> the university ever california is going modern, or at least their logo is. old logo on the left, the new one on the right. the older, more traditional symbol will appear on official university documents but the new one that has the letter "c" at the bottom of a stylized open book, it will appear on marketing materials and websites. they wanted something more user-friendly. >> the times are changing. >> yeah. >> weather is changing, too? >> yes. we are looking at temperatures dropping quite rapidly in the north bay valleys. here's a roof camera. a little wind. numbers in the
robbed in florida have been made whole. they arrived on thursday in fort lauderdale for a youth conference. they were having lunch when somebody broke into their van and stole their money which was $12,000. several people heard the story and then stepped forward. >> we have something here. i have $15,000. >> wow! >> katie: another man treated the group to lunch. the group returns home on monday. >>> the university of california is putting a new twist on the graphic. the old logo is on the left and new one on the right. the older more traditional symbol will still appear on official documents but the new one that has letter "c" will appear on marking materials and websites. school says it wanted something more user friendly. a little change never hurt anybody, especially if the weather changes for the better. >> if you want that powder for the sierra nevada, we do have one opportunity for that. live look from sutro camera, plenty of sunshine and fog is improving in concord. elsewhere pretty foggy in the north bay and numbers responding to the sunshine. we'll talk about a sunny, m
north of where we are. carmen in fort lauderdale, fla.. good afternoon. you are on booktv on c-span2. >> caller: i was just like to ask the author of the "power, inc." if he believes -- >> host: we are listening. please go ahead. we are going to move on to don in austin, texas. good afternoon. please go ahead with your question or comment for david rothkopf. >> caller: i would like you to respond to a specific comment if you will. about the m f global bankruptcy. that was filed on monday. the monday after the sunday night when it was found crystal clearly and everybody knew, everybody was involved knew that there was a loss of money, substantial loss of money, determined sunday night. this is not a controversial statement. so monday during the bankruptcy hearing with a judge who is a friend of the m f global attorney because they worked together, he heard the m f global attorney tell him there was no loss of money so this is not going to be a big problem. that is impossible for him to saves no accounting had been done, would take a long time and everybody in the courtroom knew, and w
likely i will be getting this going forward. >> host: susan from fort lauderdale. you are on again with neil barofsky. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. i would like you to name names. who are these criminals. how can we get them into prison? >> guest: i think unfortunately we are running out of time. you know, there is a five-year statute of limitations for most of the activity that would've left the financial crisis. it is now late 2012, which means that any criminal conduct that occurred before november 2007, it is now barred by the statute of limitations. unfortunately we have run out of time to bring those types of cases are a of course, i can't say this person is a criminal. i would get sued for that. you look at some of the investigations and the information that came out of the investigation suggested the high-level culpability for a number of big executives at aig, countrywide, he saw the fax suggested fraudulent attempts. but ultimately, the government decided not to pursue those cases as criminal cases. unfortunately that page has turned. in what is a very unsatis
princess which docked in fort lauderdale yesterday oneth passengers was sue posted on facebook staff can't keep up for those that are sick. 16 ships reported stomach flu outbreak this year. cruise line point out only a tiny fraction of the passengers are affected. small comfort for those passengers sick on the high seas. matt abc 7 news miami. >> russia made it official today. now illegal for americans to adopt russian child russian president putin signed a bill this morning that bans u.s. adoptions. it also stops dozens of adoptions already under way. now the ban is believed to be in retaliation for a u.s. law that calls for sanctions against russian officials over human rights violations. >> chinese government unveiled tirt internet censorship rules. internet users in china required to log on with the first and last name and list of forbidden web sthit already include facebook twitter and you tube has now been expanded. government is also ordering service providers to delete postings on message boards that might be viewed as critical of the chinese communist party. >> in maine
on a potential target. the fbi reports they arrested the brothers yesterday in fort lauderdale. the feds say the men are u.s. citizens. originally though from pakistan. they could get life in prison. there is a stalemate. let's not kid ourselves. that's the quote today from speaker of the house john boehner about the battle over the so-called fiscal cliff. that's the combination, of course, of spending cuts and exexpiring tax breaks set to kick in about a month from now. economists say it could cause another recession. today, the president visited a toy factory in pennsylvania to make his case for his plan. he is asking americans to pressure congress to extend tax cuts for the middle class right now. in fact, extend tax cuts for everybody for the first $250,000 of income. so the families won't have to worry about a new year's day tax hike. republic leaders say letting the tax cuts expire on income of more than $250,000 would hurt small businesses and, as they call them. job creators. let's get to ed henry who is with us from the white house tonight. president says the election proved most am
and young adults stopped to eat a restaurant yesterday afternoon after arriving in fort lauderdale for a weekend youth conference. members say thousand-dollars in cash, most of their luggage and i- ds. the group had planned to be their return plane tickets before the trip. >>jacqueline: on your complete forecast, coming up. >>pam: the rain has stopped but problems persist with stormin the santa cruz mountains. vine hill road is open again now to one lane of traffic, the slide that washed out the road in scotts valley is the latest on a long list of road repair projects that gets longer with each new storm. there is damage to at least 26 different roads from the summit to soquel, some of them dating back almost two years. the county's request for both state and federal disaster aid following the march 2011 storm were denied. >> we are still dealing with the storm event for march 2011 rather $20 million for the damage. we are working with the federal agency to prepare $5 million but were still at $50 million on the local roads that still need to be prepared--15 million on the local l
. fort lauderdale has trouble at the airport but that is not wind related. san francisco, the rain an inundation with rain today for you, as well. big picture today, the wind and rain and, of course, the snow off the great lakes in the northeast. the rain and mountain snow in the sierra we'll be tallying it up to feet of snow. some incredible ski conditions, but the balance of the country today is dry and a little bit colder than where we should be this time of year. a white christmas, look at the swathe of it. meet logically a white christmas is when there's an inch of snow on ground christmas morning. it doesn't have to be knowing at that time. so much of the countries will see that. but the forecast for christmas here in the northeast, not out of the question for boston and new york to see snow flurries. in the northeast predominantly it will be dry and cool. atlanta rain for you on christmas. nashville, as well. so cloudy and a little bit of rainy in the southeast. in the upper midwest to northern plains, cold but dry. minneapolis, fargo in the single digits. and out west, more
from fort lauderdale, fla., democrats line -- we're talking about those you would miss the most and least from congress. caller: hello, the senator that i would miss the most would be jim webb. the support of veterans benefits i think was probably better than anybody since the end of world war two, better than lyndon johnson or a number of other people that came after that. that would be my choice, easily. host: if you want to give us a call, the numbers are on your screen the lead story in "the washington post" talks about syria -- fort lauderdale, fla., on our democrats line. caller: how're you doing? my choice would be -- merry christmas to you, by the way -- my choice would be jim webb, the senator from virginia. i think he probably did more for veterans benefits than anybody i can remember. i studied history going back to the end of world war two, to the days of harry truman and others. i think he did more than presidents like lyndon johnson and richard nixon who somewhat opposed an increase in veterans benefits while i was in college in the early 1970's. host: you are abou
an attack on u.s. soil. phil keating is live for us outside the courthouse in fort lauderdale, florida, with the latest, phil? >> reporter: good morning. the qazi brothers are back in jail voluntarily after their very brief arraignment behind me upstairs in u.s. district court of the both of them walked in shackled at the wrists as well as the ankles, and both affirmed to the with a yes to the judge they spoke english and entered on behalf of their attorneys that not guilty plea. the older brother, sheheryar qazi, and 20-year-old raees qazi, they smiled occasionally reading news accounts of their case, charged with aiding terrorists and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction on u.s. soil. the attorney's waived detention hearing with the younger brother back next for his and older brother reserving his until a later date so he stays in jail. divulging the government's case it is partly based on electronic surveillance and e-mails. u.s. marshals arrested brothers at their fourth lauderdale apartment complex where they lived with an older brother. all emigrated here from pakistan
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